Here's How The Body Language Can Tell The Truth About Your Relationship

Relationships aren't always easy to understand. You can find yourself puzzling over body language, wondering if it means that your relationship is in trouble or you just need to fix a small thing. Some body languae might even indicate positive emotions. But you need to figure them out, and we're here to help.

Length Of Eye Gaze

If it's just a quick glance, the person that you like probably just looked in your direction. If the gaze lasts for a second or two, he or she probably is interested in you.

Body Positioning

The direction that a person turns their body is a strong indicator of their feelings for you. If his or her body is turned toward you, then your partner likes you. Also, look at your partner's toe cap. If it's pointed toward you, then the person is showing interest.

Leaning Forward

Women will sometimes lean toward you with their backs straight if they like you. Leaning forward is a sign of interest, and women keep their backs straight because they want their posture to be good so that the rest of their figure looks better.

Leaning Against A Wall

Men sometimes put one hand against the wall that the partner has her back against. The man is making himself look bigger by taking up more space while also entering her space as a sign of attraction.

Subtle Touching

When couples are interested in each other, they often brush hands or find other ways to touch each other. In the begining of a relationship, the touching is subtle because both people are feeling out if the other is interested. If your partner is finding subtle ways to touch you, then there's a sure sign of attraction.

Direction of Gaze After Speaking

If your partner speaks or tells a joke, they'll likely look toward you to find out your reaction. The person wants to know if you approve of what they said. If they're looking for your approval, they like you.

Wide Grins From Men

Most men don't smile widely without a really important prompt. If he's smiling broadyly at you, then you're someone really special to him.


When people like each other, they subconsciously mirror each other's gestures. If you notice that your partner is doing everything that you're doing a second or two after you, then the person likes you.

Turned Away Body Language

You know that something is probably wrong if your partner turns their body away from you. If his or her toe cap is turned toward his or herself, then this is a strong indicator that he or she is trying to emotionally avoid you.

Turning Away In Bed

Couples often snuggle or spoon with each other in bed. If you partner is turning his or her back on you, this is a sign that there's a problem.

Awkward Responses

People who are interested in each other laugh at each other's jokes. If you tell a joke, and it's met with a weak smile, then you're partner is trying to avoid rudeness. This is actually not a good thing. It means that your partner isn't interested in you.

Avoidant Body Language

Avoidant eyes, crossed arms, and an edge in the voice are all signs that a person doesn't want to engage with you. These are signs that there is something wrong with your relationship with your partner.


People who love each other think about the other person's needs, and they want to be near the person. If your loved one doesn't wait for you when you're walking together, let's the door close in your face when you're out, or spends a lot of time on the phone, these are all indicators that the person doesn't care to be around you or show you courtesy.

Lack Of Touching

If the person that you love no longer finds ways to touch you, then your relationship could be in trouble. If, instead of placing the flyaway hair behind you ear he merely tells you to fix your hair, he's no longer feeling things for you.

There's no one rule to tell if your relationship is good or bad. However, if you start seeing many of these signs, then you might want to work on your relationship. What do you think? Do you have more signs to add to this list? We would love to hear your suggestions. In the meantime, send these signs to anyone you know who could benefit from them!