Here's A Plant With Flower Petals That Look Like Hummingbirds

Have you ever stopped to really take a look at the world around us? So many of us are guilty of running to and from our daily lives without ever stopping to take a good look around at the flowers or enjoy the view we see. While of course there are some really bad things that happen every day in this world, there are a lot of good things on our planet as well.

A picture that was recently shared on Reddit has a lot of people talking. Some were both fascinated and confused by what they were looking at. When you see the picture for yourself you will definitely understand what they are talking about.

The picture seems to be a small green flower with what looks like a lot of small hummingbirds gathered around it. The author commented that he himself couldn’t believe that the flower looked like a bunch of hummingbirds. Soon everyone was talking about the unique plant.

Receiving upvotes on Reddit means that your content is popular. This picture was so fascinating to viewers that it got 47.5 thousand upvotes in just one day. More than 400 people commented on the picture. Many people asked what kind of flower it was, while others tried to answer them.

Some people said that this was a case of “pareidolia.” This is a condition in which our brains recognize something that really isn’t there, such as a stump that has a human face or a cloud that looks like a dog. However, the flower is related to the species known as Crotalaria grahamiana.

When you look at the above picture you can really see why this particular flower turned out looking like a hummingbird. While there are a few little changes, the two are quite similar.

According to some commenters, this type of plant inhabits a remote part of Australia. However, no one seems to know just how the plant adapted to look like a bunch of hummingbirds together. Some went on to say that while humans may see a bird when they look at the plant, other birds and bees do not.

While we have no idea how it evolved, it is certainly interesting to look at. Most people will agree that they have never seen anything quite like this amazing flower. Or have you?

What did you think of this unusual flower? Do you agree that there's a hummingbird resemblance? Leave a comment below, and then pass this on to others who are interested in nature!