Here's Why You Should Always Keep A Tennis Ball In Your Carry-On When You're Flying

Jul 09, 2019 by apost team

When packing for a long airplane trip, there are a lot of things that you think of taking and a tennis ball probably is not first on the list; however, that may be the one item you want to ensure is part of your carry-on.

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See, tennis balls can help with a lot more than simply providing some entertainment during a game with friends. Research is now showing that tennis balls can help with pain, blood circulation, and muscle cramps. During long plane flights, tennis balls might be just what you need to prevent dangerous blood clots. The healing power of tennis balls can be unleashed with a simple massage that can be done from your tight plane seat. Far too often, guests flying on planes become cramped and stiff as their blood circulation is inhibited; since walking around isn’t always an option, the tennis ball can provide the relief needed.

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Listed below are several areas you can target with the tennis ball to get the most out of your on-flight massage:

1. Your Ankles. By simply placing the ball under the sole of your foot, you can flex your ankle by rolling it back and forth. You can choose to perform this massage with your shoes on or off, depending on how persnickety your riding buddies are about feet.
2.The Wrists. If your hands start to feel stiff and miserable, you can work the ball around in your hands for a few minutes to loosen them up. This simple action gets the blood to flowing and helps you feel better.

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3. Shoulders and Back. Anybody who has sat in the same place for a long time knows the pain that it can wreak on your upper back and shoulder area. You can alleviate this pain by rolling the tennis ball against the sore areas. To reap the most benefits, you can wedge the ball in place between your body and the seat, and simply work it against your back for as long as needed.
4. The Thighs. Are you suffering from aching legs as you fly? Then you can give yourself a quick thigh massage by rolling the tennis ball from your knee to the top of your thigh. Be sure to use some light pressure to ensure that the ball is able to do its job.
5. Calves. If your calves are sore, you can take the ball and roll it from your ankle toward your knee. With this massage, your sore legs should feel better in no time at all.

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Stiffness and pain isn’t just an issue travelers face when flying! For many people, road trips can cause just as much discomfort. Thankfully, the tennis ball massage tricks will work for both passengers and drivers in vehicles. Pulling over for a quick 15-minute massage can help you rejuvenate and provide you with the same benefits as getting out to stretch your legs – thankfully, you can use the tennis ball even if the weather isn’t pleasant!

With the use of tennis ball massages, traveling has never been more pleasant or pain-free! Don’t forget to pack one during your next long trip; your body will thank you. Have you found a secret trick to make traveling more comfortable? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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