Here's Why Vitamin Dependency Can Be Dangerous

Apr 09, 2018 by apost team

One alarming study found that over half of Americans rely on vitamins, and over two-thirds of those people are elderly. Just a couple decades ago, it was common for most doctors to prescribe any vitamin regimen under the sun. Our bodies need lots of nutrients, so it made sense to ensure we were properly nourishing ourselves.

Over time, we've researched more on how supplements impact our bodies, and, as it turns out, vitamins could be doing more harm than good. Everyone hopes for magical cures that will end painful or premature aging, which causes us to hop on the bandwagon whenever there is any shred of evidence that some drug could promise results. The problem, though, is that most people act before all the knowledge is available to them.

The Downfall Of Modern Day

Technology is incredible. We've progressed so far as a species and our quest for knowledge will never end. Unfortunately, some side effects of our progress have actually hurt us a lot.

Most of us can go weeks without eating a single fruit or vegetable when our bodies function best by eating multiple servings of each per day. Even though there are thousands of supplements out on the market today, doctors are still insisting that we should aim to get our nutrients through our food. Busy work schedules and the time inconveniences of home cooking prevent us from getting proper nutrition, which is why vitamins are such an attractive option.

A lot of manufacturers sell food that is already fortified due to this trend. Most salt contains iodine, and lots of milks and processed foods have vitamins added to it. If you live in America, you could be eating a multivitamin every day at each mealtime without even realizing it.

Blurry Conclusions

Lots of studies can be skewed by participants. Lots of people who take vitamins are often more educated, wealthy, and invested in their health. They are actively making good lifestyle choices on top of their supplementation, which makes studying the effects of multivitamins confusing. Their good health could be the result of every other choice they're making. Scientists haven't been able to find clear answers on whether vitamins are dangerous or beneficial yet.

What we do know is that fruits and vegetables contain many antioxidants and nutrients that combat disease and aging. The small, natural amounts that fresh produce contain are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. However, when we isolate those nutrients and pack them into bulky pills, it may cause damage. Most supplements can contain up to 1000% more than the daily value of vitamins. When we are bombarding our bodies with pills every day, our organs suffer.

Some Frightening Results

There are a few noteworthy studies on the effects of taking vitamins. Scientists know for a fact that beta carotene, found in vegetables like carrots, help fight off cancer. When they learned that taking the supplement actually increased the risk of cancer, they were baffled. Another study found that a Vitamin E supplement raised the risk of developing prostate cancer by 17%.

If we take any drug in too big of a dose or too frequently, we risk destroying our body's entire ecosystem. Vitamins are no different. While there are no guidelines on how to safely supplement yet, just stick with trying to eat more fruits and vegetables for now.

Know anybody who takes vitamins? Be sure to raise awareness of the dangers of supplementation!