Here Are 8 Easy To Grow Garden Flowers

Gardening can be difficult for beginners. Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, unbeknownst to a new gardener, are extremely difficult to take care of. The best thing a new gardener can do is select plants that are easy to take care of until they are more skilled in the hobby.

1. Lantana

These flowers are for the ultimate beginner because they can survive non-stop sun and are not subjugated to being eaten by dear. In fact, these flowers love the sun so much, don't be surprised if you don't notice their true beauty until July or August.

2. Calibrachoa

The Calibrachoa comes in a variety of colors. Like the Lantana, it is deer-resistant. This flower can survive in almost any level of sunlight, and they will look just as great in the open as they would around your house.

3. Coleus

Boast unique, vibrant leaves, the coleus does best in partial shade.

4. New Guinea Impatiens

The New Guinea impatiens do best in direct sun, and they come in a variety of different colors. You won't need to dead-head these flowers..


Like most of the flowers on the list, the Angelonia is self-cleaning. The droppings from this plant will disappear quickly. This bell blossomed flower comes in several colors.

6. Wave Petunias

These purple flowers come a variety of shades. Petunias are known for their plentiful blooms, making them a great center piece. Unlike, most of the list, these flowers leave behind a mess that must be cleaned up.

7. Sweet Potato Vine

These vines grow quickly, making them a perfect last minute purchase to compliment any flower bed.

8. Geraniums

This plant will require some maintenance as well. You'll have to clean up the dead blooms of this beautiful red flower. Geranaiums are known as a Summer flower.

If you know of any other low maintenance, easy to grow flowers let everyone know and pass this great list on to your friends, family, and fellow flower lovers.