'Hello From The Mother Side': See Stressed-Out Mom's Hilarious Adele Parody

Dec 10, 2015 by apost team

Adele's wildly popular single "Hello" has already been turned into so many parodies. But this one is first that describes a mother's frustration as she struggles with her children's math homework.Emily Mills, a singer and songwriter turned Adele's "Hello from the Other Side" to "Hello from the Mother Side." She sings about the stress of being a mother and her longing desire for a glass of wine. "Hello from the mother side. I must've tried a thousand times to tell her that this homework is really breaking my heart", sings Mills. It is so funny watching her struggle with her daughter's math assignment. She also sings about her longing for a glass of red wine "Hello from the mother side. I think I might break down and cry because I love my children, but I don't want anymore. Can somebody pass me the pinot noir?" Bet that all busy mums out there can relate to this one!

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