Heartwarming Behind-The-Scenes Stories About Mister Rogers Made Us Smile

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

Mr. Rogers was a gentleman of quality and patience. His goals, when showing children how to be neighborly, seemed to include demonstrating a kinder form of manliness. In a television show that ran for 32 years, from 1968 to 2001, he made it seem normal and easy to be pleasant and respectful to everyone he met.

In this series of videos, including a new one from the end of 2019, Mr. Rogers' wonderful character is supported by stories from behind-the-scenes of his show and career. If you were a fan of Fred Rogers, watch on to find out more about the television star.


Not everyone has the same capacity to absorb information, but everyone deserves access to as much information as possible. While Rogers was excited by the visual medium of television and the capacity to share stories and lessons, he was reminded by a young fan that not everyone who enjoyed his show could see it.

Rogers added a fish tank to his show during the second season. Part of his goal in including the fish tank was to share lessons on the responsibility of owning a pet. While he included feeding his fish in each episode, he didn't always expressly say what he was going to do until a 5-year-old girl with a visual impairment let him know that she was worried the fish were hungry.

Rogers changed his routine to include talking about feeding the fish. Everyone who enjoyed his show in any format could follow his routines and processes.


Extraordinarily Ordinary

Rogers understood that the children who watched his show were cognizant of his life as a television character. When a 3-year-old guest, with the help of his dad, pointed out that Mr. Rogers couldn't go to the bathroom because his house didn't have one, Rogers knew he had to make a change.

He added a bathroom to the set. This gave him the chance to talk about the bathroom challenges of young children and ultimately led to a book called Going to the Potty about the issues of toilet training.


Rogers had a natural curiosity about people. Many people in the entertainment industry found him to be difficult to interview; not that he was secretive, but he wanted to ask them questions.

In addition, he had the ability to make time stop when in conversation with those around him. His work quality was of critical importance, and he could put the brakes on a process if he felt the results wouldn't be helpful or of good quality to the children who watched his show. In focusing on quality, he worked hard to reduce the urgency so commonly found in television production. The calm aura of his television persona shows this.

With kindness and patience, Fred Rogers built a teaching television brand that showed how to be a good member of your community. He worked on ways of demonstrating friendliness, responsibility, and empathy. Let us know in the comments of any fond memories you might have of Fred Rogers. If you miss him, and his message, feel free to share this story.