Heartbroken Man Whispers "Don't Die" In His Beloved Horse's Ear And Gets An Unexpected Response

There’s nothing quite like the panic we endure when we go through hard times with our loved ones.

Perhaps they are injured, or in danger and you are unsure of what to do. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know how terrifying it is. The same fear applies to when our pet is going through something traumatic.

We know that it is our duty as owners to help them through anything they might need. The fear we go through in these situations is not comparable to anything else.

This is the way that one farmer, Marek Slodkowski, was feeling on one particular day when he got back to his barn located in Poland.

He returned to find his horse, named Freedom, trapped inside of a pit for maintenance, unable to make an escape.

When he first found Freedom, he tried getting her higher in the hole by filling it with hay. However, his efforts did not work, and the horse’s health seemed to be failing rapidly.


With no other options, Marek called his local fire department to come to assist him in his time-sensitive situation.

The clock was ticking, and he needed to take action before things got worse for his beloved horse. A large group of firefighters showed up to help the horse get back to her freedom.

They assembled some straps in an attempt to pull the horse out, but that didn’t work either.

Because the horse was in the same position lying down for what was now hours, he was looking fatigued. The entire group of men was stumped on what to do next.

Marek was trying his best to comfort the horse, whispering things to her and telling her that everything would be okay. It was Marek’s words that helped pull the horse out of her stupor.

When he began talking to her, a miracle happened for all to witness. Instead of choosing to let her situation win, Freedom decided that she wanted to fight for survival once she heard her owner speaking to her.

Footage of the situation shows how the horse was able to get out of the dangerous situation after being stuck in the pit for over 12 long and grueling hours.

Watch for yourself to see the amazing events unfold. What lengths would you go to to help your animal escape a dangerous circumstance?