Heartbroken Man Eats Alone Next To Late Wife's Memorial During Granddaughter's Wedding

Jul 17, 2019

Weddings tend to be happy events where family and friends come together to celebrate the special day of a loved one. It just so happens that sometimes, not everyone is able to be there.

When Sahrah Elswick got married to husband Zachery, she decided to set up a memorial to her beloved grandmother, or ‘Mawmaw’ as she called her, who died in 2017. She never thought the memorial would cause a heartbreaking scene involving her grandfather.

The memorial included a white rocking chair with photos of her beloved late grandmother, along with a sign that read “We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.”

“It meant everything to me to see this at my wedding. It was so important that she be a part of my day because we were very close and I’m so glad I did it because now I see that it meant even more to him,” Sahrah told TODAY.


It was during the dinner that Sahrah noticed something heartbreaking: her grandfather was eating by himself next to the memorial.

“When I saw him sitting there I immediately burst into tears I was just so heartbroken and also in awe at how much he loved her,” she explained.

When asked why he was sitting there on his own, he said he “just wanted to sit with her and be there with her.” 

According to Sahrah, her grandparents were married for 45 years and had a “fun, loving relationship”.

The scene was far too emotional not to capture. Sahrah immediately snapped a picture and posted it on her twitter account. The post has since gone viral.

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