Heartbroken Mama Dog Cries Tears Of Joy As She Reunites With Her Puppies

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

In 2017, a mother dog was seen "crying" after reuniting with her puppies.

Being away from your family is tough on everyone, including dogs. Canine mothers do feel something for their puppies, but a time comes when the little puppies grow bigger and, hopefully, find a loving forever home. One "mama dog" felt incredibly sad once she found herself separated from her puppies. The lucky dog was able to reunite with them, and it was a joyful event.

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The dog appeared to cry with tears of joy, which makes for an intriguing video. Was the dog so happy that tears come out of her eyes? Veterinarians would probably say, "No." Still, the video is moving to watch.

A short video clip shows the dog looking sad while tears flow from her eyes. Next to her, several puppies crawl to be near their mother. Although only a 14-second clip, the image proves emotional. How can you not feel for the dog's plight? It seems she missed her young ones.


Humans like to pass off their emotions and traits to pets. Sometimes, doing so isn't too outrageous. Dogs do become happy and sad. They do not cry tears, although tears may come from the dog's eyes.

If a dog cries, then it should be taken to a veterinarian for a check-up. Did you know tears could represent the onset of an infection? Not many people do, which is why they may ignore the signs of a significant problem. While humans cry a lot when in emotional distress, dogs actually do not.

Tears could represent something minor or something serious. Pet owners won't know the full answer until the vet takes a look. So, don't delay in bringing the family's four-legged friend to see a doctor. At the very least, let the tears serve as the impetus to get a thorough check-up.

Is there a dog lover you know who might not be aware of what tears may represent? Showing them the video could help them learn a little bit more about caring for their dogs. They might also take the initiative to learn about "dog tears" and what the tears may represent.

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