Heartbreaking Video Shows Raccoon Mourning The Dead Body Of Run Over Friend

Aug 30, 2018 by apost team

You might wonder what a human could possibly have in common with a raccoon, but new footage is proving that it might be something more unusual than you expect. Apparently, we both have the ability to mourn the dead.

This recent video shows a raccoon in complete shock and agony after it witnesses the newly deceased body of its peer. Although the video does now show the death of the animal, the entire scene looks extremely gruesome. A car is seen to be stopped in front of the raccoon’s body, pointing to what could have been its fate.

The person who took the video narrates the story as the animal appears to go through some serious heartbreak right in front of his eyes. The raccoon even falls to the ground in despair, seemingly unable to stand upright as the bleak scene hits him. The raccoon then makes a brave move. He runs over to the body of his companion in what looks like an attempt to save his friend even though it is too late.

People are comparing this heartbreaking video to the scene in The Lion King when son Simba attempts to resuscitate his father, Mufasa after he is trampled.


But can this scene really be the way a raccoon mourns death or was it just a coincidence?

Research has actually indicated that due to their large brain size, raccoons hold the ability to be one of the smartest animals in the world. Raccoons in the wild have more intelligence than the average child, especially in situations where they need to think on their feet. They also display signs of loyalty to their family and surrounding companions. Although they are known for their aggression, they can sometimes gather in large groups and display immense dedication and intelligence when it comes to their own litters.

Is this a case of an animal mourning the death of its companion? Decide for yourself after watching the video.

Animals feel emotions deeply just like we do, so make sure you pass this video along to your friends and family so they can remember to be a lot safer while driving in areas where animals may roam.