He Was Mad Every Time His Rich Boss Ignored Him But Was Shocked To Learn This

Mar 18, 2016 by apost team

We don't always understand the reasons people have for doing the things they do. So was the case for one man, who recently went through an experience with his employer that might make you reconsider how you look at the world around you, and the people in it.

This man worked as a watchman at the estate of a wealthy family, and his job was to greet his employer at the gate every day. Each morning his boss would leave in his expensive luxury vehicle, and each morning the watchman would open the gate while offering a polite verbal greeting. But not once did his boss ever reply in any way.

The watchman was living in hard times, and he resorted to searching through the garbage bags of his employer in the hopes of finding some discarded food that might still be edible. On this particular day, his boss happened to pass by while he was rummaging through the trash, but again, he made no sign that he even noticed the watchman.

The next morning, the watchman went searching for spare food again, only he found something he didn't expect. A paper bag had been left alongside the garbage, but everything in the bag was fresh as if it had only recently been purchased. The watchman didn't question the strange find, but he took the bag home after work and was able to feed not only himself but his family as well.

A similar paper bag full of fruits, vegetables, and other groceries was left with the trash every day from then on. The watchman made it his daily routine to collect the food to bring to his family. Every now and then he would catch himself wondering who would be so foolish as to throw a perfectly good bag of food out with the trash, and every day, no less. The thought never made it far through his mind, though. He was simply grateful for the food.

Several months had gone by, and one morning the watchman noticed a peculiar amount of activity from the villa he watched over. He quickly discovered that his boss had passed away, and guests would be coming throughout the day to pay their condolences. When the watchman went to collect his daily bag of food, it wasn't there. He assumed someone who had visited the villa must have taken the food, so he thought nothing of it. But the bag of food didn't show up the next day, or the day after. The routine had ceased.

A few weeks passed and the watchman was starting to feel his past troubles returning. He had a hard time providing food for his wife and children, so he decided to ask someone at the estate if he could have a raise. He was afraid he would have to leave his position if he wasn't paid a higher wage.

He approached the wife of his former boss, who was shocked to learn that their watchman, who had worked steadily for two years, suddenly needed a raise. She pressed him about the past, asking why he couldn't afford to live now. The watchman gave several excuses, hoping to avoid telling her about the bag of food he had come to depend on. In the end, he finally decided the truth was the best option. He informed her about the bag of groceries he took from their trash on a daily basis, and how the food had suddenly stopped showing up.


The woman was quiet in her contemplation, and she asked the watchman when the food stopped. He thought for a moment and told her it stopped the day after her husband's death. As soon as the words left his mouth, he understood. His boss had been providing the bag of food, only because he'd once seen the watchman scavenging through the garbage. How could someone so cold and distant, who wouldn't even reply to a polite greeting, be so generous

Tears formed in the woman's eyes, and the watchman immediately apologized for being so bold as to ask for a raise. His boss's wife said that she wasn't crying out of sadness, but out of relief. She knew her husband had a habit of helping people, and he had told her he was responsible for feeding seven different people every day. She had already found the other six after her husband passed, but the last remained elusive to her. Now that she knew who the last person was to receive her husband's generosity, she wanted it to continue.

The next day, a young man came to the watchman's house and hand-delivered a full bag of groceries. He introduced himself as the son of the watchman's former boss, but he was quiet and didn't reply when the watchman thanked him for the food. Not wanting his thankfulness to go unheard, the watchman took the man's hand and shook it with every ounce of appreciation he could muster. The young man beamed, and explained that he was nearly deaf, just like his father had been.

We are often wrong in our assumptions about others. Always remember to be kind to others, since you have no idea what sort of issues they may be experiencing. You can't know everything that's going on with everyone around you. Don't be afraid to ask.

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