He Was Hired To Wheel Patients To Their Rooms And Had No Idea Cameras Were Recording Him

Apr 12, 2020 by apost team

Lindon Beckford has always gone above and beyond in his line of work. He has been on the job for well over 30 years and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon! He loves spreading joy where he works at the hospital. As he transports patients who have just come out of the operation room, he wants them to feel happy and at ease.

He knows that even being transferred back to another room can be very scary for the patients. It can be very nerve-wracking to be rolled down a busy hallway, not knowing exactly where they are going or what is about to happen, so Lindon wants to help. He does his best to make their worries disappear while he is on duty!


He typically tells patients his name and lets them know that he will be their “chauffeur."

He smiles and takes this opportunity to help ease the fears of his patients with music. He uses music to bring a smile to the patients he is wheeling around. Some of them are just so touched they start to cry! Lindon knows that he doesn’t come to work every day just to perform a job. He wants to be there for the men and women dealing with surgeries and illnesses in any way that he can. When Lindon started out at this position years ago, he began to sing to patients just to pass the time.

But he quickly realized that they really loved hearing him sing as they were being wheeled from place to place! Today, Lindon takes requests and many of the people he transports even sing along with him as they go!

When he sings to the patients, they feel more at ease. They don’t expect to hear what they do when they are in a place to get an operation or procedure done! They love having something that takes their mind off of what is about to happen. Getting cheered up by Lindon means so very much to them!

You can watch Lindon in action in this amazing video below!

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