Have You Seen This Piercing Before? This Is What It Means

Feb 09, 2016 by apost team

Headaches are extremely common, so you probably are familiar with them and have taken the occasional pill to help you out. There are other types of headaches that won’t go away that fast. Millions of people suffer from intense headaches that always seems to reappear. Homoeopathy has proven to be quite helpful, but is still not the answer for everyone who wants to get rid of their harsh pain.One very simple and quite effective method of dealing with headaches is called auricular acupuncture. This is a completely natural method and gets rid of the headache through a certain type of ear piercing.This method of treatment is based on reflexology. This technique helps calm abnormalities betweens different parts of the body using reflex points. This piercing takes reflexology a step further, as the point does not need to be actively stimulated through needles or massages, but is dealt with passively through a piercing. This piercing is called a daith piercing and is done here, where the image shows, as this is a very important acupuncture point.