Harry Styles Sings Acoustic Rendition Of “Cherry” In Vogue’s Cover Video

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

Fashion when they're combined with a beautiful, natural setting can create art. A feast for the eyes turned into a feast for the ears when harry Styles broke out into an impromptu singing session while shooting for Vogue's cover for December 2020. This talented singer is making history as the first man to grace Vogue's cover solo. 

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After Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the next most popular Harry has to be this one! Harry Styles is a talented musician and songwriter. He's also quite easy on the eyes as per public opinion. It may come as no surprise then that Vogue Magazine approached Harry about appearing on the cover of their December issue. As the magazine is touted as a publication full of style, class, and substance, many people find it an honor to be on the cover. 

Harry Styles is himself a major icon in music and entertainment, with a massive fan following. Along with his musical talent, he is also known for his fashion sense, especially as he blurs and bends the distinction between masculine and feminine. Tom Lamont of The Guardian noted that some of Styles' fashion choices have contributed to "an important political discussion about gendered fashion," and his fashion choices have been described as "flamboyant" and "fashion-forward" by LA Times. It is only natural then, that he now graces the cover of Vogue Magazine. 


An Idyllic Setting

When the day of his photoshoot arrived, the famed Seven Sisters cliffs made a magical backdrop. This Sussex, England attraction features rolling hills of lush greenery, quaint stone cottages, and, of course, the sea. No photoshoot can run properly without an expert team at the helm and Harry's day at the coast was no exception. Makeup artists, stylists, and lighting experts pooled their talents to help make the star look his best.

Since Harry is primarily a singer and songwriter, featuring his guitar in some of the photographs was a given. After all, the guitar is something that fans associate with the musician. It's also a guaranteed method to bring out the best expressions in Harry.

About That Instrument

Like many prominent musicians, Harry prefers to perform on Fender guitars. These instruments are durable and have a sweet tone. The instrument Harry used for this photoshoot features brilliant stainless steel plating and a round body shape. At first glance, it almost looks like a banjo. In this case, the instrument really does take after its owner. Like Harry, this Fender is more than just good looking, but it also highlights how unique Harry really is when it comes to his self-expression. 

Photographs can reveal a lot, but they can't transmit sound. So, how can we know how this guitar sounds? We know because Harry played it during the video that Vogue created of this photoshoot.

Breaking News

During the shoot, Harry played the song "Cherry" from his 2019 album, Fine Line. His rippling accompaniment mirrored the rippling sun on the sea, and his velvety voice matched the lush greenery all around. His guitar playing was more than just for show. The artist couldn't resist sneaking in some riffs during break time, as well.

Rather than focus on just the shoot photographs, the editors at this famed publication decided to include the entire process. This exclusive video features the shoot from start to finish. Viewers get to see Harry getting his hair done, makeup applied, and Harry moving about so photographers could snap some energetic images.

Fashion With A Twist

Since this is Vogue, the fashion is cutting edge. They're also often delivered with a fun twist. In a particularly striking pose, the star donned a traditional kilt. The kilt wasn't the only gender-inclusive piece the star sported, however, as he also wore a sky blue Gucci gown trimmed with black lace. Harry can be seen walking on a hill near the beach wearing a black suit covered with a fuchsia skirt, white crinoline, and hoop skirt frame in another scene.

The star is also seen brushing his teeth and wearing a white robe. At one point, he bares a bit more than usual. Viewers get more than a glimpse of his spectacular butterfly tattoo surrounded by many others. His older sister, Gemma Styles, put in an appearance as well.

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