Happy Farm Cat Is Groomed By Adoring Cows

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

There's no denying that the most popular videos on the internet usually feature super cute animals doing amazing and adorable things. This video, however, goes beyond the typical kittens batting a ball or puppies chasing their tails. Frankly, this video might just win the prize for remarkable animal antics.

Why? It features not one but two species interacting with the kind of love that's impossible not to watch. In a dairy farm near Kiev, Ukraine, a small herd of the world's friendliest cows that just can't resist licking and loving the most grateful cat ever. You heard right - cats and cows. Who would have thought?

The footage was taken in April by Sergey Vasilevich, reports the Daily Mail. The kitty in question seems more than at home around the cows. Before the camera started rolling, he probably strolled in with supreme feline confidence, settling himself in front of their pen as if there were no other place he’d rather be. 


The cows seem equally delighted by their furry visitor and don’t hesitate to approach their newfound friend. Maybe this cat simply has a standing spa appointment with these cows and is ready to let the licking begin. It all starts with one cow and one slurp. It’s not long before it’s a full-on lick and groom session.

They have a good thing going, this cat and cow, but then other cows approach, one after another, and get in on the action themselves. Suddenly, the love-fest is in full swing. Before you know it, this cat is being attended to like a rock star.

Usually cats handle their own grooming needs. Sometimes, they even lend a paw to other cats or the occasional dog if they’re in the right mood. Here, however, the tables are turned and it’s the cows providing the kitty with a spit and polish massage of any cat’s dream. These cows can absolutely not get enough of this cat!

Is it animal love? Maybe that kitty just tastes irresistible. We may never know, but we'll always be glad that someone on that farm had a camera to record the entire, heartwarming scene.

It’s clear from the behavior of these animals that somewhere off camera there must be a farmer who treats their animals very well indeed. If you’ve got friends and family who are also animal lovers, you simply must send them a link to this video so it can warm their hearts as much as it warmed yours.