Happy Ending For Wet Shivering Chihuahua After He's Found Hiding In Store

It was a very merry Christmas for a sweet little Chihuahua. The tan dog has had a long few months but is finally in a place that he can call his forever home.

Nobody knows the entire backstory. However, somehow the dog ended up abandoned at a liquor store. The wet and scared dog was found hiding underneath a juice display, clearly anxious about what might happen to him.


The owner of the establishment found the frightened dog and did what he could to comfort him. He draped the pup with a blanket to stop the shivers and then called a local chihuahua dog rescue group. Sabrina Wilkerson took the call from the store owner and tried to talk him through the situation.

The owner seemed hesitant to go near the dog, not knowing how he would react. The dog was probably confused, unaware that these people wanted to help. As a reaction to fear, the dog was growling and showing his teeth.

Wilkerson was able to handle the precarious situation, carefully corraling the dog and taking him to the vet. Although he showed no signs of physical damage, the vets could not find any identifying information on him that would indicate where he came from. 

The next step was to take the dog to a shelter to see if anyone was looking for their lost chihuahua. The nervous pup darted out of the car right away and he escaped from Wilkerson's grasp. He was later found again by a lady named Austin and then returned to the shelter.

Because nobody claimed him, Wilkerson stepped up to the plate and decided to foster the dog herself. She named the dog Austin, in honour of the person who found him after he got away from her. Two loving people named Kate and Irina had been following the dog's story and decided that they wanted to adopt him and bring him home.

Wilkerson was thrilled with Austin's new parents, saying that they were the perfect match. The couple understands that Austin has had a crazy few months and that it will take some time and patience to turn him into a happy pup. Check out the video with the story right here:

This sweet story deserves to be spread as much as possible. So many people had to step up to take action in order to ensure that the dog ended up in a stable and loving home. It truly was a team effort! Be sure to spread the joy of kindness to your friends and loved ones to make their day.