Handsome Musicians Deliver Cover Of 'Sound Of Silence' That's Leaving The Internet Speechless

Jan 13, 2019 by apost team

It can be quite the risk when you decide to cover one of the world's most beloved songs. However, the risk paid for a special musical duo hailing from Ireland.

During a 2014 tour, the Dublin-based band, Celtic Thunder, took a chance with a cover song. The risk paid off big dividends with over five million YouTube views already. The duo of Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin mesmerized listeners with a rendition of the classic Simon and Garfunkel hit, "The Sound of Silence."

Although the song was originally performed in the 1960s, the lyrics and tune have definitely stood up to the test of time. The audience was delighted when Keegan and Harkin launched into the performance. It was hard to not compare these two to the original Simon and Garfunkel.


Keegan's steady voice is the perfect complement to Harkin's amazing vocals, making the two musicians the perfect pair. It is simply a stunning tribute to this iconic musical duo.

Ironically, "The Sound of Silence" was actually a track on an album that was considered to be a flop. Simon and Garfunkel even parted ways after their debut album did not perform as expected. However, after a little electric music and drum additions to the tracks, the album took off and the two were on their way to becoming stars.

Even if you do not normally enjoy cover music, this performance must be heard to be believed. You will feel as if you were transported back to the days of Simon and Garfunkel once you hear the duo take flight. After you have enjoyed the song, be sure to pass it on to all of your friends and family so that they too can take in the beauty of these vocalists.