Handsome Groom And His Groomsmen Spring Choreographed Dance On Lucky Bride At Her Wedding

When Sean Rajaee was helping his soon-to-be-wife Ariana plan for their big day, he wanted to give her a huge surprise to show her how much he cared. He decided to put together a choreographed dance sequence that featured a variety of artists, such as Destiny's Child, Beyoncé, the Backstreet Boys, Bruno Mars, and some Persian music.

Sean had to get his groomsmen to help him put together the dance he wanted to perform at their wedding. Unfortunately, his groomsmen were scattered all over the country, so Sean had to come up with a plan. In order to get everyone on board with the dance, they all practiced via a video during the months leading up to the wedding.


During the wedding reception, "Crazy in Love" began to blast from the speakers. The bride and all of her guests gathered around the dance floor to witness what was about to happen. It was then that Sean and all of the groomsmen made their first move. The bride and the crowd began to scream and cheer for them all, completely shocked at what the group had cooked up on their own.

Shirin Rajaee is the sister of the groom and the person who was able to get this amazing video out to the world. She stated to ABC that it was "crazy" that her brother was able to pull something like this off. She said that although he is a serious orthopedic surgeon, he is also a fun and crazy guy.

The group also used props during their iconic dance. After all, a fun dance sequence needs props! It is also obvious that not all of the group could really dance. However, they did their best to pull off the dance moves that they worked so hard to learn. What an amazing start to a wonderful marriage!

You can watch the dance below. Get ready to clap and cheer!

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