Handsome Goat Is One Of The Classiest Guys Ever

Check out this kid. Harini Ramos might sound like the name of a supermodel, but it's actually the moniker of an 11-month-old goat that's getting global attention after a picture of him shared on Facebook went viral.

Harini lives on the Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak, Malaysia. His owner, Fadzir, bought the Swiss Saanen in March 2019. He was always awed by the goat's charm and beauty, so much so that he decided to take pictures of him and start posting them online.

Saanen goats come from Switzerland's Saanen Valley; they're domestic goats who were imported to the United States during the earliest part of the 20th century. The handsome goat from Malaysia is now circulating all over social media.


The goat's coiffed 'do could rival those of any celebrities. The beautiful goat can teach even the most skilled Instagram baddies a thing or two about selfie angels.

His au natural aesthetic is continuing to garner attention, but it's also a great opportunity for people to learn more about goats. These energetic animals are full of personality, making great outdoor pets and playmates for people that have the space and time to raise them.

If you're interested in helping out a goat, look up some farm animal or goat sanctuaries. One of the most popular is Goats of Anarchy, a sanctuary for disabled baby goats with special needs. You can learn more about goats on their site and make a donation.

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