Halfway Thru Father Daughter Dance Haunting Voice Interrupts Song Making Dad Break Down

One of the emotional parts about a wedding is the father and daughter dance. Since this is a day that most girls have dreams about, it's only fitting that they include the most important man in the celebration with some dances featuring moves that extend beyond a simple song.

When you see how a father looks at his little girl while she's wearing her wedding dress, you can feel the tears begin to come. This father had a surprise in store from his daughter that made him shed a few tears after the ceremony was over.

The song for the traditional dance started to play as the pair made their way to the dance floor. Soon after the first few words were sung, a voice familiar to the father could be heard. When guests saw that the father was overwhelmed by the voice, they started to share in the joy of the moment as well.


The daughter's voice from when she was a young girl started singing a beloved song that her father used to sing to her all the time. While holding her father's face in her hands, the daughter started crying with her father as they shared a special moment that no one could take away.

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