Hairless Guinea Pigs Look Like Adorable Miniature Hippos

A hairless breed of guinea pigs called "Skinny Pigs" has become quite popular as house pets, and people think they look more like pocket-sized hippos. Montreal's Armand Frappier Institute identified the Skinny Pig genetic mutation in 1978.

At first glance, these cute little pets might be mistaken to be a miniature version of a hippo, but they are actually a distinct breed of guinea pig known as Skinny Pigs. 

They are a cross between haired guinea pigs and a hairless lab strain and are bred to be born nearly hairless. Still, they end up growing some tough wiry hair on their muzzles and feet as they grow up, according to White House Farm Centre.

While Skinny Pigs don’t really resemble the normal guinea pigs people are used to, their personalities still happen to be quite similar to the ones of their furry counterparts. Both breeds are very approachable, sociable, and above all else incredibly adorable!

One of the biggest differences between the two is that Skinny Pigs are actually more limited in their ability to maintain their body temperature and need to eat more than normal guinea pigs to generate body heat. According to Wide Open Pets, it is therefore very important to make sure they’re always able to warm themselves up for example in a cozy blanket. SaeLee

Furthermore, Skinny Pigs are also quite sensitive when it comes to sunlight. As their skin isn’t shielded by any hair it is often exposed to direct sunlight and owners, therefore, need to apply sunblock to their Skinny Pig to prevent it from getting sunburned, according to Wide Open Pets. Besides that Skinny Pigs tend to have dry skin, so dry spots should be moisturized with unscented baby lotion as Wide Open Pets advises.

Wide Open Pets also explains that due to their lack of hair, Skinny Pigs are ideal for pet owners who have severe allergies. So if you're looking for a unique, easy-to-care-for, hypoallergenic pet, then you should consider Skinny Pigs. Just because they're hairless doesn't mean they don't love to cuddle!

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