Hairdresser Helped More Than Twenty Clients To Embrace Their Grey Roots With His Powerful Transformations

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

Jack Martin, a hair colorist and owner of Jack Martin Salon in Tustin, California is helping his clients embrace their gray hair with his expertise.

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The pandemic has caused many industries to go to chaos, pushing plenty of small businesses to close their doors permanently. One business most impacted by the pandemic is hairstyling, and a majority of salons have closed down. For most people, salons are an important aspect of their lives. The pandemic has forced them to figure out how to cut and dye their hair. Of course, a regular haircut can look fine if you are aware of what you are doing, but coloring is completely different.

For some hair enthusiasts, coloring is only optional, but for elderly individuals and young adults, coloring is all the rage. From drastically changing your hair color or simply attempting to cover up gray hairs, coloring has always been a popular form of hairstyling.

Jack Martin, a hair colorist claims that going grey does not have to be so bad. He is strictly against covering up grey hairs and instead, promotes embracing such tones. Instead of traditional colors such as blond, black, or brown, Jack chooses to dye his clients in unique colors. His most common requests are silver and platinum.

Jack is focused on making grey hair the new rage. All hair will eventually grey as people age, and Jack believes that by embracing it, we can also greatly boost our self-esteem. After a short scroll-through on Jack's Instagram page, it is clear why Jack insists on silver colors. Instead of having to go back to the salon for frequent touch-ups, clients will only need to visit the salon a few times each year. On his Instagram page, he showcases a variety of clients, each with unique hairstyles and silver hair colors. Looking at his page, we can see that he does almost any type of hairstyle from balayage to the quirky bob.

Although it is a known fact that our hair turns gray as we age, not much is commonly known about why this occurs. This is due to the pigment cells within our hair follicles, BBC reports. Melanin is the type of pigment that gives hair colors, and often this can make our hair naturally brown, black, or red. Melanin also impacts skin color.

As we age, the pigment cells within our hair follicles tend to die, leaving the hair to turn grey. A similar thing occurs within corals because when they have a lack of sunlight, they also turn white. The resulting hair follicle is now gray, white, or silver.

During the pandemic, we are given the opportunity to truly reevaluate our definitions of beauty and engage in plenty of self-care. Without cosmetic surgeries or expensive makeovers or even hair salons, a majority of individuals have found themselves at a loss during the quarantine. Elderly and middle-aged people have been impacted the most because they rely heavily on such businesses to enhance their beauty.

The Western definition of beauty has negatively influenced our opinions on beauty and while some people have accepted themselves, white hair and all, a majority of Americans are still throwing money at the beauty industries. The first step in self-care is loving yourself and this can only be done once everyone begins embracing themselves for who they are.

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