Hacker Transforms Sausages Into Functional Piano

Aug 12, 2020 by apost team

There are lots of things you can do with sausages. And those things include more than making breakfast, lunch, or dinner. An innovative person in Germany took sausage-making to a new level. No, he didn't come up with a unique sausage dessert — the individual figured out a way to turn sausages into a piano.

No, the story doesn't come with a punchline. It isn't a fake-out to a practical joke. A brilliant hacker figured out a sausage-piano connection.

No, Patrick, of the "Patrick's World" website, didn't substitute sausages for wood and make a piano carpentry-style. Instead, Patrick figured out the best, and probably only, way to connect Bockwurst sausages to a computer sound system.


Ten sausages were all it took. The sausages are made from traditional veal and pork. Would turkey sausage or plant-based meatless sausages make a difference? Maybe another hacker will try to find out. For now, the only sausage-centric computer piano is the one Hacker Patrick created. And it works — there is a video proving that it does.

The sausage-piano setup doesn't look too impressive. When the young man starts tapping on the Bockwurst sausages, however, viewers may feel total shock. At first glance, things look a bit messy. The sausages rest on a green cloth laid out on a computer table. Many multi-colored wires connect the sausages to the computer and what appears to be a sound device.

As soon as his fingers touch the sausages, the computer responds with sounds. The ten sausages are, in effect, ten piano keys. The piano sounds coming from the computer are indistinguishable from a real piano, making the video and the sausage invention astounding.

If someone wanted to play a full concerto on the sausage-piano, not much would stop them. Well, the sausages would require replacing. Organic matter doesn't age well at room temperature. The chance exists the organic piano might attract flies and rodents, too. Patrick dubbed his new invention, the "Bockwurstklavier." That roughly translates as "sausage piano." Will he soon start a trend? The young hacker just might.

Patrick's video might bring a smile to someone you know who is a music lover. Technology-hack fans might like the video, as well. Shine a light on it, as this innovative concept deserves more attention. And so does the incredible Hacker Patrick.