Gymnast Delivers ‘Dark & Foreboding’ Performance Making Audience Scream

Apr 06, 2021 by apost team

Gymnastics routines are spectacular to watch, especially when it comes to talented college students who are training to be the best within the sport. There are four different events in women's gymnastics; each one has its own beauty and grace while providing contestants with unique challenges in the sport. 

Balance beam routines are some of the most nail-biting events to watch as athletes attempt amazing maneuvers on a very narrow surface, and sometimes even the most elite competitors fall from the apparatus. The floor routine relies on artistry and pure acrobatics to impress the judges. Moreover, it challenges the foundation of gymnastics talent; by creating a masterpiece on the most elemental surface in the sport, floor routines are truly incredible to watch. 

Most of the contestants in college-level competitions come with more than a decade of gymnastics training and competitions under their belt, but even then, getting a perfect score for a routine is rare. However, some of the most gifted gymnasts have shown that getting a perfect score is not impossible. UCLA gymnast Gracie Kramer from San Clemente, California, scored her first-ever perfect 10 on floor exercise held on January 31 2020 as she executed her routine to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."

Her routine was introduced as "dark" due to some of her unique moves, but soon enough, she wowed the crowd as her performance took an amazing turn. Based on the comments on the video, viewers continue to be blown away by Kramer's talent. If you are a fan of gymnastic routines, this video is not to be missed. 

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The four events in women's collegiate gymnastics are uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and floor exercise. For the vault routine, competitors charge down the runway and launch themselves off of a springboard with their hands to execute some impressive aerial maneuvers. The uneven bars event is a complex series of twists and flips that the athlete must perform while staying above ground and using the bars as a swinging apparatus. The vault routine is, as the name suggests, based on how well a contestant performs on the apparatus. While both the vault and uneven bars require external devices, the floor routine is the one that can set many competitors apart. 

When 21-year-old Gracie Kramer began her floor exercise, the announcer described it as "dark and foreboding" but the mood soon changed. Kramer put on a bright smile and executed a routine that kept the audience enthralled. She donned a bright smile throughout, while her face was also very intensely focused on her moves. The most surprising part of her routine was the uncommon moves she had in between her breathtaking flips; her body abruptly moved to the music, but not in a bad way. Her routine was the embodiment of "new and exciting." 

She did all her aerial maneuvers with great accuracy and power, and the crowd cheered her on the whole time. When Kramer hit her final pose, her team was jumping with elation at the superb performance, and some spectators began chanting her name. It was a powerful moment for Kramer as well as the UCLA team. It was not surprising that the judges revealed their score of a perfect 10, which was the first that Kramer had received in her gymnastics career.

When her score was announced, the commentator seemed to be quite excited by the development as well when he said, "Gracie Kramer is perfect!" This wouldn't be the final achievement that Kramer would have her in career, of course. Apart from her exceptional career at college-level professional competitive gymnastics, Kramer was UCLA's top-ranked performer on floor events in 2020 and she was even ranked at Number 03 nationally! Moreover, she earned a place as the volunteer assistant coach for the Utah State Gymnastics Program in 2020 after she graduated as per Utah State Aggies website.

About this honor, Kramer said, "I am truly honored to accept a position with Utah State and to work with Amy, Erik (Lewis) and Amanda (Wellick) in creating a championship culture and program. I am both humbled and excited for the privilege to support this team of talented gymnasts as they strive for academic and athletic success." This is certainly an exciting step in Kramer's future! 

Her perfect-10 floor performance continues to be one of the most celebrated routines even today. Most of the comments on the video of her performance encourage and cheer on Kramer, with some people even wondering why she hasn't received a perfect score in her previous performances. One user, Justin Brion, said "'Gracie Kramer is perfect!' You're damn right she is."

Another account, Gymnastics Fandom, wrote "SHE FINALLY GOT IT!!! How is this not like her 8th 10 lmao 😂" 

We are sure that big things are in store for the exceptionally skilled Gracie Kramer in the future. We wish her the best! 

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