Guy Dumps Pregnant Fiancée Over Text Then Demands She Rename Their Twin Babies

Jun 23, 2022 by apost team

Picking out your baby’s name should be fun and exciting. It’s a chance to give someone a name you always admired or even a name with plenty of sentimental value. However, some people pick names because they simply like them, or maybe they work well with their surname.

For one new mom of twins, she found that naming her babies was not super challenging, but the aftermath that came along with people finding out their names was. So she went to Reddit in March 2022 to explain how she was previously engaged and that her ex-fiancé had been the one who wanted to have a baby. 

Everything was going well as the woman found out she was pregnant, but her partner got up and left once she hit the 14-week mark. He barely contacted her and even said he wanted no custody of the children once they were born.

The woman went along with her pregnancy on her own and gave birth to her set of twins, who remained in the NICU for two weeks. When her ex-partner couldn’t be bothered to show up or even call her to check in, she named the babies on her own and gave them her last name.

A short while later, her ex-fiancé finally reached out to find out what their names were and immediately disapproved. They fought about how the father should have been part of the naming process, but the woman disagreed. Since then, she has wondered if she was wrong and asked Redditors for their advice.

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Starting off her Reddit post, the original poster (OP) said that she was previously engaged to the father of her twins and that they planned the pregnancy together. “He was the one who had really pushed the idea and convinced me, so when he decided to up and leave when I was about 14 weeks pregnant, it sucked,” she said. In the comments, OP explained that her ex had been on a business trip and sent her a text saying that he didn’t think they would work out.

During the pregnancy, OP and her ex barely communicated aside from some updates on the pregnancy and a custody battle. She said, “Surprisingly, he did fight for custody – to have 0%. He’ll have visitation and parental rights but that’s it.”

The last time the former couple spoke was three days before OP’s scheduled c-section. Her ex knew the date and location of where it was taking place but didn’t show up for the birth of his children. He also didn’t visit the twins during the two weeks they were in the NICU and didn’t even send a text to check in on OP or the babies.

“Obviously you need to name your kids and so I ended up choosing them myself since we hadn’t gotten to that stage,” OP said. “I also gave them my last name since I’ll be the one to do appointments etc. and raising (sic) them. From his lack of interest throughout pregnancy, I didn’t think he cared.” However, three weeks after the babies were born, OP’s ex came to visit.

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“He asks what I named them and when I tell him, he said they don’t look like their names and the names are ‘stuck up’ names,” OP said. She continued, “He demanded I change their names, I said no. He told me to combine our last names, I said no.”

OP argued that since her ex didn’t want custody of the babies and didn’t seem to care much about them, he had no right to say what their names should have been. “I told him that paying child support was the bare minimum and if he wanted a say in their names, he should’ve known up/called when they were born and not waited three weeks to even ask what their own kids’ names were.”

Since then, though, OP has started to wonder if she was wrong for excluding her former fiancé from the naming process, and she said that it’s a “golden rule that parents should agree on the names” and one no versus two yeses. However, Redditors were quick to comment that she had every right to name her babies on her own and that her situation definitely wasn’t the norm.

One user commented, “Once he decided he wasn’t going to be involved, he forfeited any right to being involved in any decisions regarding your children.”

Another person said: “You’re right that normally names are a 2-yes situation, but your case is not normal. Your ex doesn’t get to show up three weeks after the birth and start making demands. If I were you I would refer all his calls to your lawyer and don’t even worry about his nonsense. P.S. Congratulations on your twins!”

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Do you think this new mom was right to name her twins without the dad present? Let us know, and feel free to send this to your family and friends for their thoughts, too!

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