Guy Catches Duckling’s Morning Ritual On Camera After Nobody Believes His Claim

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

Charley, this fun-loving and adorable duckling will quite literally give you a run for your money when it comes to battling out other pets for the title of "Man's best friend." This video from 2010 shows Charley joining his human for a morning jog, and it is a must see for everyone who loves little ducklings.

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Charley has a morning routine that includes a daily jog with his human, always bringing smiles and his cheerful chirp songs along the way. When commenters doubted the factuality of Charley’s morning ritual, Charley’s human logged just one of Charley’s adventures on video to allow viewers a glimpse into his sweet life.

Charley, the cute and enthusiastic duckling, never misses his morning jogs with his human. This seems to be Charley’s everyday morning routine but it is not as easy as it looks. As most walking and jogging enthusiasts will tell you, one must prepare for each event of exercise by checking running conditions, training physically for the race, and preparing mentally to remain motivated.

Meet Charley

It is likely that Charley and his human must first check the weather to ensure proper running conditions. However, rain or shine, Charley is always game for adventure. As you can see in the video, Charley must dodge some pretty significant puddles! Nothing stops Charlie!

Like many avid runners, Charley and his human must also care for their physical and mental health while jogging. In the video, it looks like they run at the pace right for them and take breaks when needed.

Charley also seems to have a smile on his face even after the challenging run! Have you ever heard of the phrase whistle while you work? Well, Charley takes that call to action to a whole new level by singing (or rather chirping) while he enjoys his morning runs.

Whether Charley is seeking the support of a parent-figure or simply creating a lasting bond with a lifelong friend and exercise buddy, one thing is for sure: Charley’s motivation is love. His steadfast relationship with his human, companionship, and loyalty is unwavering.

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