Group Of Ponies Enjoys Dip In Refreshing Garden Pool

The summer heat takes a drag on us all. While it is perfect weather for outdoor activities, like boating, camping, and swimming, being out in the sun all the time can be draining. Though animals are a bit more resilient than humans, it's nice when they have a chance to cool off too.

A recent post from the United Kingdom went viral when five ponies were spotted sipping out of a refreshing pool complete with rubber duckies bobbing around, which their owner Emma had kindly set up.

While a fun part of owning pets is spoiling your animals, owner Emma took it seriously when the summertime heat beat down on her four-legged friends. This special gift was exciting for not just the owner and ponies, but for fans across the globe too.

With a problem to solve, Emma set out to incorporate a few new adopted ponies into her pre-existing herd and strengthen the bond between them all. Wanting to provide an opportunity for them all to connect, Emma set out a refreshing pool filled with cool water for them all to enjoy. Standing barely taller than the pool itself, the ponies found this to be a real treat.

First dipping their mouths into the water for a sip, the ponies eventually warmed up to the idea of a cool pool and headed in. While the pool is small enough to cool off in, it was not large enough for a full swim or to cause any problems with the short stature of these miniature ponies.

While Emma houses 11 ponies total, one in particular took to the pool in a fun way and submersed itself entirely. Rolling around and enjoying the water, this pony took instantly to its newfound fun. Other ponies began to follow, and before long most had their hooves in the pool.

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