Group Of Dolphins Protect A Female Humpback Whale And Her Calf From Group Of Male Whales

Sep 13, 2018 by apost team

In a surprising and unique event, shocking footage was taken of a courageous school of dolphins protecting one lucky humpback whale as she tries to avoid a group of five male whales from hurting her and her calf.

The mother whale and her son first found themselves in a scary situation when they were swimming around Flinders Bay, located on the southwest coast of Western Australia. The dangerous scenario played out just in time for a whale watching group to record it for all to see!

The mother, named Spirit, was at first unaware that her and her calf, Sunny, were being followed by the five male whales. The goal of the males was to separate the calf from his loving mother., a routine often displayed between pods of whales. If they succeeded in separating the duo, the calf would most likely have died.

Thankfully, all can witness the amazing and unique footage as the event was recorded by members of the Whale Watch WA group. They were shocked to see what actually stopped the whales from separating the mother and calf duo, and it's likely that you won't believe it either!

It’s estimated that the whales were chased for over 30 minutes in an attempt to tire the mother out and force her to stop, taking a break to rest and in turn putting her calf in danger. Exhausted after the chase, the mother whale chose a spot to rest that was directly alongside the boat of the whale watch group.

While resting, the mother tried to shelter her calf from the males the best that she could in her situation. But something was about to come to her rescue in a way that most people have never seen or heard of before.

In a shocking turn of events, the whale watchers continued observing as a large group of 10 to 15 bottlenose dolphins arose from the water suddenly to bring aid to the calf and his mother.

The dolphins displayed signs of aggression in order to protect the mother and her calf from the stalking of the male pod of whales. One dolphin flashed its teeth to the male whales in an attempt to scare them off.

Suddenly, one of the male humpbacks changed his tune as he began to protect the mother and her calf as well. He chose to act like a bodyguard for the duo, sending away the rest of the males that were much smaller than him.

Those who witnessed the event praised the mother humpback whale for how far she was willing to go to protect her calf. Seeing animals band together in nature to protect each other is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and this event was no exception. Getting to see this display of protection from the group of dolphins is truly a remarkable event that the whale watching group was pleased and excited to witness. What do you think about the shocking and amazing footage?