Group Of Country-Lovin' Line Dancers Flaunt Moves To 'Redneck Woman'

Thays Monaro, a real-life cowgirl and choreographer, leads her group in dancing to Redneck Woman at a ranch in their native of São Paulo, Brazil. The video was posted on Thays' YouTube channel in 2018.

For those of us who didn't grow up in the South or don't feel a strong connection to country culture, line dancing might seem a bit cheesy. Many of us think of line dancing as some corny country pastime that doesn't really require any skill or talent. After all, when performed casually at taverns or bars, it can often seem like just a bunch of people moving their feet around with no real rhythm or soul.

Well, it's time to take everything you know about line dancing and forget it! While the line dancing you see at bars might not seem very difficult or fancy, the truth of the matter is that some professional line dancers take this art form to a level that will blow your mind.

You might remember Gretchen Wilson's 2004 smash hit Redneck Woman. Gretchen's ode to trailer parks and honky-tonks was so infectious that even those who didn't consider themselves to be country music fans couldn't help but nod their heads along whenever it came on the radio.

As you watch the video below, prepare to be amazed at the line dancing skills demonstrated by this talented trio as they give Redneck Woman the performance it deserves. "I've never seen line dancing like this before. Wow, that's amazing," one user commented on YouTube.

As you can see, this type of professional line dancing incorporates movements that are evocative of both Irish and tap dancing. It's said that modern-day line dancing has roots in traditional Celtic step dancing, so this makes perfect sense.

If you're anything like us, you probably initially assumed that these three dancing superstars originated from the United States, specifically somewhere in the Southern States. While they definitely originate from somewhere in the south, it isn't Texas or Tennessee. Instead, these line dancers are from San Pao, Brazil.

The lead female dancer is Thays Monaro, who divides her time between working on a cattle ranch and working professionally as a choreographer. It goes to show you that country culture isn't just for Americans and that every nation has its own cowgirls.

If you have any friends who've previously dismissed the art of line dancing as "cheesy" or "corny," it's time to blow their minds by showing them this video. This will definitely teach them a thing or two about the amazing world of line dancing and how it's loved by people all around the world. Let us know in the comments who you think did the best job here, and pass this fantastic dance video on to friends and family members.