Groom Sees More Than He Bargained For With 'First Look'

A wedding day is a memorable occasion for bride and groom—many special moments are created that day with family, friends, and each other. Many rich traditions are adhered to on a wedding day. The cake, flowers, wedding party, tossing the bouquet, and the first dance as a married couple are all special and memorable moments that a couple wishes to look back on fondly.

One other tradition that many couples take part in is staging a photoshoot so that they can remember these special moments for years. This wedding photoshoot between groom Billy Hunt and best friend Pat Jones from West Virginia is the ultimate spoof of this moment. Billy expects to see his wife standing behind him, but instead gets Pat dressed like a bride.

Photographers around the world try to capture that iconic "first look" between bride and groom. It is the moment when they first behold each other as they are about to walk down the aisle; they behold each other with such a look of wonder and love that it's difficult to imagine what either of them would do without the other.

As you can see, the "bride" in this picture is anything but picture-perfect. Sporting a beard, a bust that doesn't quite work for him, and a sense of humor beyond compare, he inches closer and closer to the object of his affections. Little does the groom know what's in store for him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Right knows a big moment is ahead. He sneaks a sideways glance both directions to make sure they will have the privacy they need for a moment like this, and he prepares to bestow a sweet kiss on his bride before they walk down the aisle to declare their love for one another.

Luckily for us, we don't have to imagine his initial reaction when he turns and sees his best friend, Pat, in anything but best man attire! What ensues is a chorus of belly laughs and some much needed comic relief, as well as a truly private joke that the two of them can share–thanks to the photographer–for years to come.

While most dapper Dans might bristle at this special moment being foiled by a friend, groom Billy takes the "look" in his stride, finding humor and lightness amidst the pressure of a wedding day, reports the Mirror.

The bride that set this up must have the best sense of humor of all, for she knows how important friendships are to the beginning of a happy marriage. Be blessed, you two!