Groom Kicks All Woman Guests Out Of His Wedding For Showing Up In White As A ‘Prank’

Oct 13, 2021 by apost team

While it's common for couples to have some rules set in place at their weddings, some are definitely more strict than others when it comes to enforcing them. A lot of couples decide to have childfree weddings or tell people to abide by a certain dress code. It goes without saying that the most important rule at a wedding is to not upstage the bride and under no circumstance should you wear white as a wedding guest.

Unfortunately, one family didn't seem to get that last memo. A man knew that the female members of his family had a bad habit of testing any of the women that the men in the family dated as a way to make sure that they were good enough to join the family. His girlfriend had sadly gone through some of the family's tormenting, but their relationship lasted, and the two are now happily married.

However, their wedding didn't go as planned. There was a rumor that the female members of the man's family were planning on showing up in white outfits. He threatened to kick them out if they did so, but they explained that he had nothing to worry about. The wedding day arrived, and the women guests went against their word as each female family member showed up in a white dress.

The groom was livid and kicked them out, resulting in a huge blowout with his family. He went to Reddit on Oct. 8, 2021, to talk about the whole ordeal and seek advice about what to do next.

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The Female Family Unit

Starting off his Reddit post, the original poster (OP) talked about how the female members of his family have formed a "unit" that entails teasing and testing their male family members' partners to see if they deserve to be part of the family. After a few months of enduring this behavior, the partners would then finally be welcomed into the family. 

OP admitted that the unit was toxic, but it was something that had been started by his mom and grandmother and had been going on for a while. OP explained that his brother and father were just as much against the unit as he was.

When OP first introduced his now-wife to the family, he made it clear that he didn't want the women to test her, but they didn't listen. He threatened to not invite them to their wedding if they didn't apologize, so they each made sure to apologize to his partner.

Fast forward to OP's wedding, which happened in September 2021, and it seemed like the toxic unit was still going strong. "There was talk about the women in the family wanting to pull a prank on my wife by wearing white and called it the 'ultimate test' to see how my wife (would) react," he said

OP warned the unit that they would be kicked out of the wedding if they showed up in white, but they assured him that he had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario happened, and everyone in the unit showed up wearing white dresses. OP told each of them to leave, including his own mother.

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Standing By His Wife

"I felt absolutely awful because my wedding was being interrupted by them making scenes," OP said. "My wife was hurt beyond measure." OP's cousin later blasted him and his wife on social media. He argued with his cousin, which sparked an argument with his mother as she insisted that it was just a prank. 

OP explained, "Mom said I took it too far by kicking them out because they were trying to get a reaction from my wife to see if she was one of those 'bridezillas.'" OP said that he hasn't seen most of his female family members since and he's been excluded from everything, making him wonder if he was wrong to kick them out of his wedding.

Reddit users stood by his side, though, and told him that he handled the situation the best way he could have. One user commented, "Your family is toxic and I am so sad for your wife that they would do that, but also so happy for her that she has a husband who will support her and have her back. I'm sorry your family tried to hijack your wedding for a power play, but you did the right thing, and your marriage will be strong because of it."

Another user chimed in and said, "Can you imagine how the wife's family thought about all of this? If I were the mother of OP's wife, I would be really worried about my daughter being around those women. Good on OP for breaking the cycle."

A third user commented, "A prank is only a prank if everyone ends up laughing. Otherwise, it's just bullying."

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Do you think this groom was right to kick the women guests out of his wedding? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends to find out what they think, too.

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