Groom Is Blindsided When Bride Halts Wedding To Introduce The Woman She Tracked Down For Him

Dec 14, 2019 by apost team

Derick Smith was surprised by a special and completely unexpected guest on his wedding day. It was a surprise that rocked his world and brought the groom to tears. Derick's real wish on his wedding day was to have his late brother as his trusty best man. Although Derick's bride couldn't bring Jake to the wedding, she was able to find someone who owed her life to Derick's brother.

Some brothers are fortunate enough to be best friends as well as siblings. Jake and Derick had this kind of strong relationship. The two were nearly inseparable while growing up. They did everything together. Fights would break out as they do between all brothers, but the two never lost their deep love and respect for each other.

Tragically, Jake was hit by a driver when he was only 12-years-old. The accident cost him his life and Derick a loving brother. The whole family was incredibly devastated. Although the pushed through the tough times, Jake's family would always have an empty hole from his absence.

Fast-forward a decade and Derick meet someone who he fell head over heels for. Her name is Katy and the two decided to make the relationship permanent after dating for a few years. Despite the happy occasion, the wedding was also bittersweet for Derick. He wanted his brother to be his best man, but that opportunity was tragically unavailable. To help cheer up her man, Katy reached out to find a super special guest for the wedding.

After Jake's tragic accident, his organs were donated. His family wasn't ever told who received their beloved family member's organs. However, Derick's bride-to-be wasn't going to let that stop her from surprising her fiance with the most amazing wedding gift. She searched for over a year and finally tracked down the woman who had received Jake's heart when she was only 6-years-old.

Katy contacted the woman and asked her to attend the wedding to surprise her husband. She was just as excited as Katy about the opportunity to surprise Derick. Before the wedding, Katy broke with tradition by meeting with her groom before the ceremony. She told him which surprise guest would be in attendance. Derick was amazed at how much effort his future wife had gone through to find the woman who Jake was able to save a decade ago.

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