Groom and Groomsmen Line Up For Touching Performance of “My Girl” On Wedding Day

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is choosing the entertainment. Some people prefer live bands over DJs, while others have even gone so far as to perform at their own wedding. This is what one special groom did to surprise his new wife on their important day, and the performance was spectacular.

The groom and his groomsmen put all of their efforts into an incredible performance of The Temptations’ song “My Girl.” Fortunately, the entire thing was filmed and put online in January 2016 for the world to enjoy. At the start of the video, the groom is speaking with his wife’s father and lets him know that she is “his girl” now. 

The bride was sitting front and center as her husband lined up with his friends and lip-synced the song as they all danced to a perfectly choreographed routine. The entire performance was touching and elegant. The groomsmen wore white gloves as they twisted and moved with grace. They all did great moving in synchronization and showed off their impressive dance skills.

The groom did an excellent job mouthing all of the words to his wife and his face showed that he meant every lyric. At one point in the song, the groom and groomsmen handed out pink roses to the bride. This moment brought the attention back to the couple celebrating their love. The entire performance was very romantic and the perfect entertainment for a wedding reception. Keep reading to learn more about the song “My Girl” and this special rendition.  

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The popular song “My Girl” was released in 1964 and was the first number-one single for The Temptations in the United States. It was written and produced by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White for the Gordy, or Motown, record label. Robinson said his inspiration for the song was his wife and fellow Miracles member, Claudette Rogers Robinson

In 2017, the song was chosen by the Library of Congress to be included in the National Recording Registry due to its cultural, historical and artistic significance. This came after the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1998. “My Girl” is considered to be one of Motown’s most successful and best-known singles. 

The song has been so permeated into popular culture that it is instantly recognizable to most people. This is what made the groom’s performance of the song special: he was able to put his own twist on a classic. The new husband believed in the lyrics of the song so much that he dedicated them to the love of his life in front of all of their friends and family. He and the groomsmen put a lot of effort into learning the choreography as well. 

The video has over 345,000 views on Youtube, and people from all over stopped to congratulate the couple and commend the groom and groomsmen for their excellent performance. Even the way the video was filmed, with the camera circling around the performers, was dreamy and romantic. We hope to see more impressive wedding performances like this one in the future.

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