Grieving Parents Warn Others When Their Infant Son Dies Sleeping In Car Seat Placed On Floor

A grieving North Dakota couple is spreading the message about infant sleep safety after they lost their precious boy when his car seat was put in an incorrect position causing him to stop breathing. They are now trying to raise awareness on this potentially fatal car seat position.

Ryne and Rachel Jungling struggled with infertility for seven years. Tests revealed that there was nothing wrong with either of them biologically, yet they were still unable to get pregnant. They were finally able to welcome their first children, twins Anders and Linnea, after the years of struggle according to Fox 11 News.

The babies were almost one-year-old when Anders passed away from an accident called positional asphyxiation. The tragic incident happened when the twins were at their daycare provider. Anders was asleep in his car seat and the daycare made the decision to leave him in it to rest.

Rachel was at work when she received the terrible phone call from a police officer. The officer met her at her work and took her to the hospital where Anders was waiting. When Rachel arrived at the hospital with her husband, she knew right away that something was wrong.

While he was in the car seat sleeping, Anders stopped breathing as a result of his airway being constricted. It took EMTs performing CPR for 40 minutes to get Anders' heart to start beating again. Sadly, the baby passed away after spending three days on life support.

The family is leaning on their strong faith to get through the tragedy. They are using the experience to spread the word about the dangers of babies sleeping in car seats.

Rachel told Fox 11 News, "When a car seat is in a base in a vehicle it is tilted back, the baby’s head remains tilted back and their airway remains open. When a child is in a car seat on the floor, their head can tilt forward, cutting off airflow to their lungs. This is what happened to Anders.”

The couple credit their deep faith in being able to find forgiveness for the daycare provider according to Fox 11 News. Carma Hanson, who is a car seat technician and was a neonatal nurse for 25 years, has been working with Ryne and Rachel to spread awareness on the issue.

"Since we have shared this story via social media, the news and online, I have received hundreds of comments, calls, text messages and conversations from parents and caregivers that are grateful for this messaging as "they had no idea that this is a potential danger,"' she said. 

Be sure to spread the message of this danger to your friends and family so Anders' passing may be remembered.