Grieving Father Maintains Memorial For Deceased Son Until Property Owners Leave Him A Letter

Sep 25, 2020 by apost team

Hilltop is the name of a neighborhood in Richmond, California that has been the location of some mysterious activity.

Every morning, perplexed residents would see an elaborate and decorated memorial set near an empty Chevron property. The perpetrator was a mystery to all–until their true identity was finally revealed in 2017.

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The unmarked memorial made it nearly impossible to determine for whom the tribute was intended. The ostentatious memorial was complete with angels, flowers, and even solar panels.

Cesar Zepeda has been employed as president of the Hilltop District Neighborhood Council. In an interview with NBC, Cesar admits that the residents only know that the memorial is dedicated to someone who is truly loved.

Chevron eventually decided to utilize the abandoned property, but the company didn't want to harm the beautiful memorial. In an attempt to contact the owner, a Chevron employee posted a note on the memorial requesting that the owner contact the office. A phone number was left on the note as well.

To everyone's surprise, the memorial's mysterious owner eventually contacted Chevron. The caretaker was a grieving parent named Ray Olsen. He had been tending to the memorial for several years.

Olsen erected and maintained the memorial in order to honor his son who passed away from a horrific car accident involving a drunk driver.

At first, Ray was worried that Chevron would destroy his memorial. He hesitated to come forward, but the father decided that the anonymity couldn't last forever. Ray made sure to take care of the memorial at night so that no resident would learn about his identity. In the end, the father revealed his name and was surprised by the reaction.

After learning about Ray's tragic loss, the Hilltop District Neighborhood Council and Chevron teamed up to surprise the loving father. When the oil giant announced its intention to maintain the once-abandoned property, Ray was presented with something truly special. The story even made a segment entitled 'Inspiring America' on NBC News.

Instead of removing the memorial from their property, Chevron decided to give Ray his very own spot. With the help of the Hilltop neighborhood, Chevron constructed a stunning memorial that sits next to a comfortable bench.

Ray was shocked by the gesture. The grieving father would no longer have to come at night to tend to his son's memorial.

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