Great Dane Gives Birth And Doctors Lose Count As She Delivers 'Never-Ending' Litter

What a great dane indeed!

Almost everyone thinks that puppies are cute. Their big eyes, pudgy tummies and floppy ears make them adorable. Their antics also amuse people. There are few people who do not enjoy watching puppies play or snuggle in a pile.

When it comes to litters, different dog breeds have different litter sizes.

Smaller dogs such as chihuahuas might only have four to six puppies in a litter. Medium-sized dogs such as German shepherds may have five to seven puppies in a litter. The largest dogs, such as Great Danes, typically have 10 puppies per litter.

One Great Dane mama had an ultrasound. Vets saw that she had much more than the average number of pups in her uterus.

They counted 19 puppies.

A litter of this size puts the mama's health at risk, so they knew that the puppies would need to be delivered by a planned c-section.

The veterinarian, several technicians, and the owner came on the day of the surgery. The surgery took place in a sterile operating room. As each puppy was delivered, the vet techs cleaned it off, massaged it, and made sure that it was breathing. They warmed the puppies while they waited for the mama to be done with the procedure.

Caring for so many puppies is a big task. A mama dog might not make enough milk for 19 puppies.

All of the puppies were born healthy and are growing quickly. The owners will have to help the mama dog by doing some bottle feeding of the puppies.

The care team thought that the mama dog was quite a trooper. The puppies were described as very cute and chubby.

They have different coat colors and are a nice mix of their parents.

The care team realizes that the dogs' owners will need to be vigilant and provide attentive care.

A photo taken in the recovery room was blasted on social media. People remarked that one tech's hair was touching the puppies.

The vet's office had to reiterate several times that those photos were not taken in the surgical room.

No procedures were being performed in the photos that were shared online.

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