Grandmother Of Three Lucky To Be Alive After Being Attacked By Two Dogs During Her Walk

Most people come to think of their furry pets as family and friends. We love them, and some even claim to love them as they would their own child or grandchild. But, what if that love was put to the test by attackers? Would you push your canine to the side as you would your child or grandchild and sacrifice yourself for their protection? One grandmother of three did just that recently, and her story of canine love and self-sacrifice has gone viral.

Meet Jill Jones And Cockapoo Charlie

When an animal is investigating you for a possible attack, you’re advised to do a number of things, including being still, avoiding eye contact, and slowly getting yourself to safety. But, what happens if it’s not just you about to be attacked? It’s hard enough to ask accompanying children to take defensive action, but to ask a dog being eyed by another dog to be still and quiet is like asking the clouds to rain Skittles. It’s just not happening.

Jill Jones was out for a walk with her three-year-old cockapoo, Charlie. She had noticed that two larger bulldog-looking dogs were following a distance behind her. She didn’t panic; she simply decided to keep an eye on them and continue her walk. As they got closer and closer, however, panic struck when Jones noticed the “wild look” in their eyes, which she described as “evil”. Moments later, the two dogs charged on the attack.

Jones was terrified. She only had a few seconds to react to the two dogs mauling her precious Charlie. She described a scene of Charlie looking like a toy the two dogs were throwing around and shredding to pieces.

She threw her own self-preservation and safety to the wind and stuck her arm out for the dogs to latch onto so they’d release Charlie from his mutilation. As dogs often do, these two dogs weren’t selective in what they were attacking or either confused Jones’s arm for Charlie. Either way, they bit down on Jones’s hand and ravaged it.

Nearby residents heard the screams and ran to assist Jones. They kicked at the dogs to get them to release. One man managed to grab one of the dogs by the neck and secure it safely until help could arrive from local authorities. The other attacking dog ran, but he was later apprehended by authorities at his owner’s home.

Meanwhile, one of the samaritans that ended the attack ushered Jones and Charlie into their home for first aid. She called the gentlemen who helped her “heroes” and credits them with saving her life. Jones made sure to point out that her saviors didn’t think twice about putting themselves in the path of these attacking animals.

They both needed medical treatment after the attack and now face a long recovery, but Jones and Charlie are clearly fighters. Charlie’s puncture wounds are still healing. Jones had to have surgery on her disfigured hand, which is currently in a sling. Upon retiring from the hospital, Jones said that just hearing some dogs barking down the street sent fear through her. Still, she’s thankful that both she and Charlie lived to tell the tale because she couldn’t imagine life without him.

Both dogs were detained by authorities. They’re investigating the incident to determine if the dogs will need to be euthanized. In most cases and jurisdictions, any animal who attacks a human is euthanized to prevent future attacks.

So, before you doubt that people can love their pets to the point of self-sacrifice, remember the story of Charlie, Jill Jones, and their heroes.

Have you ever loved a pet this much? Have you ever found yourself and your pet under attack? Tell us your thoughts and stories, and don’t forget to pass the triumphant story along to other pet lovers and naysayers of pet love.