Grandmother From Texas Slams Millennial Parents Who Treat Grandparents As Free Daycares

Jul 20, 2021 by apost team

Raising kids is by no means an easy feat, and sometimes it takes a little extra help from some outside sources to really do it right. While it is up to the parents to take full responsibility in raising their children, it’s normal to need an extra hand every now and then. A grandmother in Texas has become frustrated with the idea of millennial parents constantly relying on their own parents to watch over their children so they can have some time away from the kids. A video showcasing her epic rant was uploaded to YouTube in January 2020 and has since taken the world by storm as many grandparents all around the world have chimed in with their own words of agreement.

While there are plenty of benefits of children spending time with their grandparents, this Texan grandma wanted to set the record straight that it should be up to the grandparents themselves to decide when and where they want to see their grandchildren. Since they already did their part at raising children, it really shouldn’t be up to them to continue raising kids, even if those kids are their own grandchildren.

Plenty of these folks are retired and want to enjoy their retirement, but haven’t been able to do so since they are typically called on to watch their grandchildren. Frustrated and feeling like grandparents are always relied on to help with watching the kids in their family, this grandma made sure to get her message to millennial parents clear and to the point as she explained just why they should stop viewing grandparents as personal daycare providers and babysitters.

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While it was unclear just who exactly this grandma from Texas was talking to, her daughter Quayla Ann filmed her epic rant and uploaded it to YouTube, causing it to circulate quickly in January 2020. The grandmother made sure to make her stance clear on how she felt about parents, specifically millennials, constantly relying on the grandparents to be “automatic babysitters or daycare,” as per the Sun. In the video that has since been shared by Daily Blast Live, the grandmother said, “Because I became a grandparent does not automatically make me the babysitter or a daycare.”

The frustrated grandmother went on to explain how hard grandparents worked when they raised their own children, and how it isn’t up to them to keep raising kids over and over again. “You are supposed to drop your kids off when the grandparents call for them and in their leisure time,” the grandma said. “Grandparents are not supposed to be daycares.”

Some grandparents are retired, meaning they have some more free time on their hands, but that still doesn’t mean that they want to spend it babysitting their grandchildren. “Everybody’s time is valuable,” the grandmother explained. “We have our own life.”

In her concluding thoughts, the grandmother really drove her point home as she made sure to fully address millennial parents. “You see what it is, y’all think we should do that as you got a sense of entitlement,” the grandmother said. “You all think just because I’m the grandma that you’re supposed to push your kids off on me. But that’s not how it goes.”

Do you agree with this grandmother that it is not the grandparents’ responsibility to constantly babysit and care for their grandchildren? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to your loved ones, too!

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