Grandma Was Posing For A Photo On An Iceberg When It Started Drifting Off Shore

77-year-old Judith Streng was on the greatest adventure of her life when she went viral in a way no one would ever forget. She traveled from her home in Flower Mound, Texas to the beautiful Diamond Beach in Iceland with her son when her eyes landed on the perfect photo opportunity.

In front of her was a giant iceberg shaped like a throne. It was like something out of a fairytale - fit for the Ice Queen herself. Judith didn't think twice before channeling her inner-Elsa and making her way towards the ice throne. That was when things took a turn for the worse.

The iceberg started to wobble and turned out to be not as steady as it appeared. A wave suddenly broke the ice connecting the iceberg to the shore and swept Judith quickly away from the safety of the shore and out to sea.

Fortunately, her son, who called his mother the Iceberg Queen, was there to call for help.

Eventually, they had to call the coastguard to pull her back to shore.

Despite the embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation, Streng seems to have no regrets and plans to remain just as adventurous in the future.

"I've always wanted to be queen! I mean, come on, that was my chance," Streng told Good Morning America.

Diamond Beach, Iceland is one of the world's most beautiful vacation hotspots. Tourists flock from every corner of the earth to the Icelandic beach that is littered with diamond-like pieces of ice. 

However, the beach is infamous among adventurers across the globe due to the dangerous situations tourists find themselves in while trying to take the perfect photo.

Glacier Lagoon is full of icebergs that have broken off of the Glacier, and while they are an incredible sight to see, they are also incredibly slippery and often sharp. In the worst-case scenario, you could even end up swept out to sea, just like Judith Streng!

Watch the whole story in the video below:

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