Grandma Becomes Emotional As She Tells Grandson The Extent To Which She Loves Him

Oct 14, 2020 by apost team

Most grandparents are easygoing when handling their grandchildren. They will go out of their way to keep the little ones happy. It could be the reason why most of these bonds go strong until the kids become adults.

Matthew Stewart is a young, Florida-based man who is lucky to have a bubbly and sassy 87-year-old grandma. His videos of his family on his Instagram have captured hearts around the nation.

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Matthew and Grandma Bobbe, also called GB, seem to enjoy one of the most loving bonds there could ever be, reports FOX 5. The duo is fun to interact with, especially through the hilarious videos that they create. Stewart is fond of sharing their moments on TikTok, where he has more than two million followers.

Of the many clips that Matthew shares online, there is one that tickled and melted the hearts of his Instagram followers. In that clip, Matthew had driven GB for a breather. As they sat in the car, you see GB giving her grandchild some gas money. However, Matthew declines the offer, and his grandma will not take any of that.

The engagement continues because she wants her grandchild to accept her genuine and kind offer. At this point, Matthew’s followers see pure love displayed through the ‘argument.’ It might be the reason why his followers are always glued waiting for GB’s videos. Having a Dull Moment in life? Matt’s Videos are Real Mood Boosters

GB is not only the classic grandma who will keep giving you fairy tales till you want no more. She seems more like a highly spirited grandma who does not mind some positive yet dirty jokes. Being around her is definitely an enjoyable pastime, especially now that she is well-taken care of.

In another video, Matthew is recording their moments together, and GB embraces him. Matthew asks his endeared grandma whether she knows he loves her. GB gets emotional as she assures Matthew of her deep love like that of her son.

When the grandma breaks down, Matthew asks her why she is crying, and the response goes like this, “I’m weeping because I love you so much and I’m so happy being around you and being with you…”

In the clip, the two appreciate each other for the fond moments they enjoy together. Instagram users who follow Matthew expressed their emotions through comments. One follower admitted to shedding tears after watching the clip. Her comment read, “Who’s cuttin’ onions in my face…?”

What Do Matt’s Videos Mean to the World

Matthew inspires the world in a big way by sharing their experiences. One of his followers comments about being reminded about her grandma, who passed on years ago. This commenter goes ahead to cheer Matthew up in his endeavor. From her observation, Matthew and GB share what she terms as “the most beautiful kind of love on earth…”

When these two lovely souls express their care in joyful tears, it reminds us all of a strong bond we may have shared with our own family members, be it a grandma, a mom, or a sibling. They end the sweet video with a kiss on the cheek.

It may not seem like Matthew does much, but the truth is that he reminds us to be thankful for the relationships we have and restores other peoples’ faith in humanity. If you follow his videos, you will not only “cut onions,” but also learn a lesson or two.

Seeing your grandparents through their golden years is a blessing. If you need to perk up your relationship with them, consider cuddling them more, shopping for them, and most importantly, spending quality time with them.

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