Grandma-Grandson Duo Leave Viewers Wonderstruck With Quick ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Solve

May 29, 2023 by apost team

“Wheel of Fortune” has been a television staple for so many households since it first aired in 1975. It has never failed to deliver great moments of joy and heartbreak, entertaining folks with contestants’ successful guesses as well as terrible flubs. In May 2023, it delivered a special moment when one grandmother-grandson team won hearts with their almost instantaneous correct answer to a difficult puzzle.

Retta Alexander was participating in an episode with her grandson Julian Hernandez when they were presented with a puzzle to solve that read: “_ A N C _ / _ _ _ T _ _ _ E” with the only clue being, “a place.” They were then told by host Pat Sajak that they only had 10 seconds to solve it. “Oh boy,” Sajak was heard saying as co-host Vanna White revealed the letters. “Well, there are two of you. You know, feed off each other… talk it out, good luck,” Sajak said.  

Turned out the team didn’t need luck. Just as the timer started, Alexander made her guess. “Fancy boutique,” she asserted as the letters flipped over to reveal she was absolutely correct! 

“Yeah, what do they need?” Sajak remarked in glee as Alexander and Hernandez excitedly hugged each other. The crowd erupted in cheers as Sajak presented the team with a card. “Want to know about this?” he asked before revealing its content, which read: “$40,000.” The even more excited duo embraced each other again, and their joy was truly heartwarming to witness. 

Altogether, Alexander and Hernandez walked away from the show with a truly deserved total of $56,950.

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Earlier in the show, Alexander described herself as the “mother of three beautiful daughters” who lives in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Meanwhile, Hernandez hailed from Phoenix, Arizona, and said he planned to go to either university or trade school to study jewelry and metalwork. Despite the distance, the pair said they reached out to each other often, sometimes even to discuss the latest episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

“When ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is on, we’re calling each other each other. I’m calling him from Mississippi from Phoenix to see if he got it before I did,” Alexander said, according to Today. “We’re very competitive!” She also added that she and her grandson also “like to cook together.” 

Even Sajak appeared exhilarated by the twosome’s win. “Nice going guys,” he said and added, “congratulations, that was a good solve!” as he moved over to shake Alexander’s hand.

Meanwhile, in a video of the duo’s incredible guess shared on the official “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram page, viewers couldn’t get enough of the beautiful bond between Alexander and Hernandez.

“I couldn’t believe she got this! Such a sweet grandma and grandson!!” one fan commented while another said, “She was amazing. They were so much fun to watch!”

A third user remarked, “One of the sweetest duos I’ve ever seen on Wheel🥰 so so happy for them! They were the pair that we were rooting for at home🥳🤩”

“I always find it hard when a Q is in the Bonus Round puzzle. Great solve!” another fan said as a different user commented, “That was a great solve. So amazing. I didn't have a clue.”

Wasn’t that an incredible solve by Alexander and Hernandez? What do you think of the sweet grandmother-grandson duo? If you liked them, be sure to pass this on to family and friends so they can watch their incredible win, too.

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