Grandma Gets Sexy New Look That Makes Everybody's Head Turn

Many people have heard of him, but not many people will have the privilege of getting a new look from the one and only Makeover Guy. After reading his book eight years prior and never believing that she’d have the chance to get dolled up from him, a woman from Minnesota named Marianne got the opportunity to undergo a special makeover from Christopher Hopkins himself.

But what spawned Marianne’s decision for a drastic change? Two years before the makeover that would change her life, Marianne was unsure about what color to get her hair colored. Unable to make a decision, she allowed her hair to go to its natural color: gray! 

Obviously, going gray is a natural process of aging for many people. But this doesn’t make it any easier to accept. As we get older, our skin becomes saggy, we may gain weight, and many other differences become noticeable from the outside. Although some people embrace this process and go natural, others go through extreme lengths to hide their age with fillers like Botox or even just a simple box of hair dye.

Although Marianne had turned 56, she was still happy and content with life. She realized that although she was aging, she had gone through a wonderful life by raising her children, finding a partner, and fulfilling her career goals. But this optimistic inside did not match her looks on the outside, and that’s exactly why she sought out the help from Hopkins!

Once in the chair, Marianne told Hopkins that from a young age, she felt like a pixie hairstyle suited her best. It had become her signature over the years. Once Hopkins had some inspiration for the makeover, he began working. 

Once he’s finished, you won’t believe that it’s the same person! Her hair and makeup completely compliment her bubbly personality and she became completely radiant! Marianne is living proof that just because we age, doesn't mean that we have to let go of our looks! She looks decades younger with the help of some simple makeup and hair color. Although she is a grandmother, she still wanted to be glamorous, and now her goals are achieved with the help of Hopkins! 

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