Grandfather Takes Blindfold Off And Nearly Falls Apart When He Sees His Grandson Restored His 1957 Chevy

A man nearly passed out recently because of a special birthday gift that he received from his grandson. Cam Dedman worked for an entire year in secret to restore his grandfather's cherished 1957 Chevy Bel Air.

The car, which had been sitting in Fred Lamar's garage since the mid-1970s, showed a lot of signs of age, so the restoration was like bringing a dead thing back to life. Even so, Cam spent many hours on the vintage car, and it ended up looking even more stunning than when it was brand new.

Dedman explained in a Facebook post that his grandpa is his best friend, and he undertook the project because he felt that the man deserved something special for his birthday. He revealed that the job was very difficult, and getting it done in secret was particularly challenging. He also reported that he had to sell his own car in order to fund the restoration project, and he had to save money for years before he could get started, reports ABC News.

The two had often spoken about restoring the car, but Cam would always say that his life was too hectic. The two never got a chance to work together on the car, but Dedman had a goal to complete the project secretly in time for Fred's 81st birthday.

At the beginning of 2020, Cam brought the newly-restored vintage out of the garage for a special unveiling. Dedman drove the car to his sister's house to deliver the surprise and blindfolded the family members there to add more drama to the moment.

When he removed the blindfold from his grandfather, the man was in disbelief and began to shed tears. Dedman told ABC News that he didn't expect his grandfather to get that emotional. The man nearly passed out, so Cam helped him stay on his feet. His grandfather exclaimed that he couldn't believe that the car was his old Chevy.

The car had been Fred's family vehicle, and it was the one he used to drive Cam's mom around when she was a kid along with the rest of the family. It was certainly the best birthday present that Fred had ever gotten. Fred told ABC News that he was in disbelief, and he had a very special grandson.

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