Grandfather Left Fighting For His Life After Developing Sepsis Due To Biting His Nails

This story should be a lesson to not bite your fingernails.

A 57-year-old grandfather was in for the fight of his life as a result of a chronic nail-biting habit. Ricky Kennedy developed a potentially fatal condition of sepsis because of this bad habit. Kennedy was only given a 50 percent chance of survival after being diagnosed with the sepsis.

Fortunately, Kennedy pulled through after spending months in the hospital for treatment. Sepsis develops when the body reacts to infection by attacking various organs and tissues.

Kennedy first noticed that there was a problem when he developed a blister on his thumb. His doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics in the hopes of clearing up the infection. Unfortunately, the infection quickly spread to his chest, arms, and hands.

The pain became so intense that Kennedy thought he was having a heart attack.

His quick-thinking wife called an ambulance just in the nick of time. The infection was spreading all the way down his body by the time the doctors could examine him. Kennedy could hardly even breathe or stand up.

While Kennedy was able to beat the infection, he still needs to have surgery on his collarbone to fix some of the damage caused by the sepsis.

Watch the whole story in the video below:

This should be a good lesson for everyone who bites their nails. After you have watched this astonishing video, be sure to spread the word to everyone that you know. This knowledge could potentially save a life, making it imperative that everyone is aware of the dangers of sepsis.

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