Gossip About Me As Much As You Want, But No Apologies For Being A Great Mum

Sep 28, 2017 by apost team

Modern society has a way of subjecting everything we do to some sort of criticism.

I know I am not the best cook and neither do I dress in flashy designer clothes. Sometimes, I get a little bitchy and tend to wear dark circles under my eyes as a new fashion trend.


I have become cranky with my friends because I cannot go out every other weekend and party like I used to or live in the fanciest house or even go out for dinner every night.

Yes, I am broke because I have bills to pay and above all, I know am a good mother. I am broke because I have to ensure that there is a roof over our heads. I ensure my child is well fed and has clothes on their backs. The dark circles under my eyes, nay they are not a fashion trend, they come from waking up at midnight to scare away the monster and the have those late night cuddles.

It is not that I do not have time to go out with friends, but I prefer watching cartoons under the warm blanket on the couch with my child or spend a day with them at the park reading books or playing PlayDoh just to see the most beautiful smile in the world.

When I conceived this little miracle, life changed and I started seeing things from a different perspective. I started seeing the world through the eyes of my baby. Eyes that deserved to come first. Eyes that deserved to see a beautiful world. Eyes that deserve to illuminate happiness and most importantly love.

You can criticize me about a million things in this world. Half of the time I am messy, I get stressed beyond belief and I come nowhere near perfection. You can say whatever you wish about me but I have an amazing child who is well taken care of, healthy and happy.

I am a damn great mother and I do not see anything in this world as important as that.

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