Good Samaritan Gifts Mother Who Lost Everything in Wildfire a Free RV

Dozens of people lost everything that they had in the California wildfire. They no longer have a home to call their own or belongings that they have cherished for years.

Some people don't even have a car to drive. One mother who lost everything in the fire received a special gift from a total stranger that has changed her life for the better.

Patrick Whitmore owns a small business in California. He knew that he had to do something to help the people who were impacted by the Camp Fire. Patrick is the owner of Beavercreek Saloon.

He had an RV that he knew could be given to someone who had lost their home, so he started looking for someone who could benefit from the vehicle.

The RV was sitting in Patrick's barn and unused at the time. He knew that there was someone in the area who needed somewhere to live for at least a short time so that they wouldn't have to worry about shelter while trying to rebuild a home.

Patrick found out about Veronica Jawar while he was enjoying his Thanksgiving holiday. Veronica is a single mother. She lost her home, her belongings, and her child's belongings in the fire. Veronica was sharing a home with other families who had also lost their belongings, but she was eager to get her small family in a home once again.

Since it was just Veronica and her teenage daughter, she thought that it would be easier to find shelter, but it was proving to be difficult as homes that were available were quickly being rented or bought. When Veronica saw what Patrick had for her, she cried tears of joy and gratitude.

Patrick arrived in Paradise shortly after Thanksgiving. Before he left his home, he loaded the RV that would be given to Veronica with supplies that could be used in homes and with boxes of clothing that he planned to donate to those in need.

What did you think about this tremendous act of kindness? Let us know. Pass this story to your friends and family to inspire them to help someone out this holiday season.