Golden Retrievers Awaken 15-Month-Old Toddler To Get Her Help With Their Cunning Plan

Feb 05, 2020 by apost team

When dogs and babies live together, the parents may become concerned about their pets harming their children. Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal’s golden retrievers wouldn’t hurt their toddler because the dogs count on the little girl for food.

One morning back in 2018, the dogs, Colby and Bleu, didn't wake their owners for breakfast at 6am as usual. Video footage later revealed they had found alternative means for getting fed. 

Colby and Bleu adored Chloe for her sloppy eating habits. Since she was just a toddler, dropping bits and pieces of food on the floor was a common occurrence. Whenever it happened, the dogs were always happy to consume the leftovers.

Six in the morning was when the dogs usually got hungry. They would bark outside their owners' bedroom to get them up and let them know they wanted to eat. One morning, the dogs' owners woke up to find their toddler and the dogs roaming around the hall, as reported here by ABC News.

The Cardinals knew they had shut the door to Chloe’s room before going to bed the previous night, and they figured their daughter couldn’t have opened the door to her room because she was too little. So, they decided to look at the video they recorded to find out who did. This was what Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal saw in the video:

As Chloe lay sleeping in her bed, Colby and Bleu come into the room and approach her. They’re apparently excited and wagging their tails as they wake her up by licking her face. Once awake, the little girl climbs out of her bed and follows the dogs out of her room.

This was not the first time Colby opened a door and was caught doing it in a video. This dog was seen opening the door to the bathroom, and she was seen going into the bathroom with her pal Bleu.

When the door to Chloe’s room was opened, Colby and Bleu ran to the toddler with food on their minds. They smothered her with kisses and tried to get her to follow them. The dogs succeeded, and after Chloe toddled out of view, she most likely went to the cupboard to get them something to eat.

There’s no doubt in Mr. Cardinal’s mind that his dogs were aware of what they did.

Watch this video if you want a good laugh, and let those who love dogs, children and their cheeky antics enjoy it too.