Golden Retriever With Adorable Black Mark On His Face Racks Up Huge Internet Following

Sep 22, 2020 by apost team

Enzo Viola is a golden retriever from Austin, Texas that has achieved a feat so many people struggle with: amassing thousands of followers on Instagram. Enzo was born with a genetic mutation that made the fur on the left side of his face black, rather than English cream like the rest of him. The black patch on his face makes him special, and he seems to know it from the videos on his Instagram page.

He looks as cute as any other golden retriever, but the black patch on his face makes him cuter. The dog’s Instagram account, @mister.enzoviola, has more than 186,000 followers. On the page, Enzo is either posing for photos, something he appears to have learned to do, or he is showing off his playful side with his toys.

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Enzo lives with the Castro family in Texas, United States, and plays with 15-year-old Clarissa in most of the videos on his page, reports Go Animals. Either the Castro family picks the best videos of 3-year-old Enzo, or Enzo has somehow become better at shooting the videos himself!

In one of his many videos, Enzo pretends to kill prey by picking a branch and shaking and knocking it around. Besides playing with sticks and branches, Enzo has his set of toys. There is one video of him playing with a dinosaur toy. He adorably steps on the dinosaur’s tail. The dinosaur squeaks, and Enzo stops to listen.

In another video, Enzo is lying on a blanket. He blinks a little before dozing off. More than 11,000 people have seen the video, and it is adorable to see him ease off on the blanket. Clarissa manages Enzo’s Instagram page. In one of the posts, Clarissa noted that Enzo has a rare genetic mutation that gave him the black splotch.

She continues to say that Enzo is special, but he is also as cute as any other dog. "He’s special — and who doesn’t like to look at dogs," Clarissa told the Daily Star. "The mutation doesn’t affect any part of him except for his looks."

According to Clarissa, there is more to Enzo than the cute black splotch. As a puppy, Enzo was not only cute but also so playful, as the teenager notes. He is so energetic if the videos on his page are anything to go by. Enzo has to go on a walk twice a day to release his immense energy.

When he is not walking, he is in the yard or inside the house playing with his toys. Sometimes Enzo plays too much and gets so tired that he falls asleep still holding his toys. It is moments like these that make the dog adorable.

Enzo loves a good routine, as Clarissa told the Daily Star. Enzo will never complain when following a routine. He wakes up at the same time every day, something he has done since his puppy days. His breakfast is served at the same time, and he goes on his walks at the same time. He is so used to the routine that introducing a new routine might disappoint him. He is never upset, but he does not welcome any changes to the routine.

So far, his Instagram page has more than 350 photos and videos of him doing all the cute stuff that canines do. In some photos, he is with other dogs, and in some photos Clarissa also appears. His followers are increasing, and he continues to impress. The Instagram page is his diary, and people love him from the look of the likes and comments. His photos and videos are full of heart comments with followers saying how cute he looks.

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