Golden Retriever Tucks Human Into Bed And Switches Off Light After She Drifts To Sleep

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

A then five-year-old golden retriever from China named shot to fame after a video showed him looking after his master by removing his owner's phone from her in bed owner and covering her with a blanket. The pet then got up on his hind legs to turn off the light.

We show care to one another in a myriad of ways. Some of us write or make a quick phone call to one another while others prefer to cook or bake delectable treats. The following pet shows that caring can take many forms and is not confined to one species.

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Tianlang is a dog who lives with a human in China. Being a golden retriever, she often reminds people of Lassie. Others think of her as a quick, intelligent, and friendly creature. 

Tianlang's owner, like many modern-day humans, is very fond of her cell phone. So fond, in fact, that the pooch looked lonely as her human focused her attention on the little screen one more time. As the golden neared her human one time, it looked as though she was deep in thought.

Phone Patrol

As the retriever cozied up to her favorite person, she batted the phone away. There was no hesitation, no drama, and no questions. With one deft move of her paw, the golden determined that it was time to turn off the tech.

Since the human needs to wake up each day for the morning walk, it was important that she get sufficient sleep. So, the purpose of this move was to ensure that her human powered down the device instead of staying up all night on WeChat or another social media platform.

What's Next

Since everyone needs to be comfortable, the concerned canine's next move was to cover up her human. She carefully picked up the blanket in her teeth and moved it up her human's body. She took section by section until her human looked warm and cozy.

Next, it was time to turn off the lights. Tianlang jumped up to the side of the wall and pushed the switch down with both paws. She then cuddled with her human.

Snuggle Up

Now it's time for you to snuggle in. Do you have a concerned pet like Tianlang? Take a moment to post your experiences in the comments! Just don't stay up too late, or the paw patrol may take away your tech, too.

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